Thursday, June 21, 2012


A chalice type glass with diamonds or some similar stones type stones attached to it.
All of this “pimp cup” business started in emulation of former pimp Bishop Don “The Magic” Juan, who carries around a big chalice of “pimp juice”. He was featured in the 1999 HBO documentary, “Pimps Up, Ho’s Down”.

Bishop: "The cup is part of the criteria of the pimp and the players. This is mandatory. The first thing, if you become a pimp or player, the first thing you want to acquire is a beautiful girl, you wanna know how to get money, you wanna fancy car, you want jewelry, you want sharp clothes."

Don "Magic" Juan, born Donald Campbell (also known as The Chairman of the Board, Archbishop Don 'Da Magic' Juan, Bishop Magic Juan, or just Bishop) is an American former pimp, hip hop personality, actor, and fashion designer from Chicago.

Regarding his career as a pimp, Campbell noted, "I'd see a pimp, so I'd pattern myself after that. I'd read Iceberg Slim. I'd watch Superfly, with the flashy cars and clothes. I went for all of that. When I came to the game I was 16." During the 1970s, Campbell operated a record store that doubled as a "turn out joint" to recruit additional prostitutes.

In 1985, Campbell ceased operating as a pimp, stating, "God don't want me to do it no more...[i]t was like something grabbed my heart to convince me." He was later ordained as a minister by Dr. F.L. Johnson of the Christian Ministers Congress Non-Denominational Council, Inc., and in 1989, he opened the Magic World Christian Kingdom Church of the Royal Family.

Is a fancy and/or shiny object used to beat you bitch ass ho.
"Your ho needs a beat'n with my pimpstick!"
Is an essential tool to the hardcore pimp, while a mere prop for softcore pimps. Hardcore pimps usually tip their canes with gold, an element conducive to manipulation of the pimp field. Unfortunately, softcore pimps think themselves as "above" this and use their wealth to completely plate their cane with gold, or create gold canes outright. This serves no purpose but to cause greater differentiated wealth distribution and suffering in the world. Hardcore pimps understand this, and do only what is necessary to use the pimp force to maintain good and balance in society.

Usually made from a special wood-metal alloy that only hardcore pimps know how to make. Softcore pimps substitute with valuable metals such as platinum or gold.

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