Monday, June 11, 2012

After Shower Party in Sweetgrass

Gany wrote today:
The disco was very crowded at the After Shower Party yesterday! There were 33 visitors, most of them nearly naked hot boys. The showers were really needed to cool down, though others used them to heat up. DJ Bernard completed the atmosphere with marvelous music! The contest is won by Caasper, Rod en Joeh, congrats boys!
You can enjoy the pictures at:
 Next Sunday French Party with DJ Pierrick!
 ▲Rod had trouble and was frozen when Gany asked the winners to line up for a picture. Rod could not move so I had to push him to the position.
▼I did not left him there when Gany made his snapshot but I made this last picture before I pushed him back on the dance floor. I think he looks great on it.
 ▼ Gany made this picture of the winners

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