Saturday, November 5, 2011

Visiting Sin

Last Sunday after, the party in Sweetgrass, I was invited to have a look at Sinead's house.
Her house is the windmill in Sweetgrass. I was there before when it was JR's shop.

Sinead (Sin) Moonites
Second Life Birthdate
October 10, 2008

Walk trough this world a long time now.
Explored much, have done even more.
And still enjoy all it has to give.

Carpe Diem...
Before you know you end up in a vase ;-))

We had a nice chat on her balcony.

Sin is owner of Sinfull Body Art.
On her profile you can read:
From Holland, old enough to play sl ;-)
behind every avatar is a human being, be aware of that. My friends know a lot about me......when I think you have to know more then its soon enough, for the rest.. see my profile ;-))

Her shop at Marketplace

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