Saturday, November 19, 2011

The party's over. part 4

On April 30th we made a start, on our new sim, with the parties. Because the Club was not yet rebuild, we start at the basement and pool of our house. The next two parties at the beach and harbor.
In the mean time Fabulous Pub did start there parties on Saturday at 21:00 CET /Moon SLT.
I became furious because, I had been told that Jamy, owner of the Fabulous Pub, was send to me to discuss it with us. But we never got an IM. My ice bucket, where I stick my head in to cool off and protect me not to get banned, was empty and at an Open Minds Party I let the devil out. That made Bernard angry and made the drama complete. Okay, to make a long story short, Jamy and I became friends and he have his party on Saturday on 23:00 CET now. How in the future things will go, we will see.

On Saturday May 21st, construction works on our new T.R.A.C.S club was still ongoing, we had a party right in front of it.
The new town square,
Timothy Square.

I think that May 28th 2011 was the first party at the new club.
With out asking Coral Reef and Fabulous, I made a new logo for the gay weekend clubs. The weekends did start to get busy with going to all the clubs.
I demanded of myself that I went to the other parties, but I expected that other clubs would do the same and became disillusioned. I see now that I can not demand from others what I request myself. But at that time I was disappointed.

to be continue.

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