Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Dramatiques Performance Troupe

My brother Myles (Myles Sperber) send me a invitation for a performance of the Dramatiques Performance Troupe.

Dramatiques Performance Troupe is a new group founded by dance enthusiasts who have come together to take performance to another level in Second Life! 
We consist of a very strong team of creative artists. 
Visit our info center for more info:
I not see my brother Myles very often. Mostly just at his weddings. So I went.
I had no idea what I was going to see.
I saw a wonderful made show with sound, music, lights, decors, dancers and dances.
Ooh yes, and I saw my brother in tights, for the first time.

Short after I left I got an IM from Mysty Mellison, asking me to have a look at her work.
Mysty is a writer in SL and is named after the myst that rolls off of the Rocky Mountains. The 1789 historical-drama, "The Fire," is her first production. She has her BA in French and first came to SL to explore the French sims.
If you LOVE Les Miserables, then you really will enjoy The Fire, a tale of murder, mystery, and mayhem!  Set against the backdrop of the French Revolution, The Fire is a drama reading about Pete, a passionate peasant verses a greedy government. He  struggles to earn bread during a Paris famine.  Join us on our journey as our magical storyteller, Pan, takes us through time to the year 1789.
I share with you here work on youtube

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