Friday, November 18, 2011

New skin

I love to shop for clothes and I do that often. But I not change my look very often, till some weeks when I got me a new skin. I had my old skin already for some years, as you can see on this picture that is made in 2008. I did get other hair but skin was still the same. It was not that the skin was worn out, that I bought a new one, and not even because dad (Echo Douglas) has trouble how my skin lights up. No, it was that when I checked my Land marks and landed at <TheAbyss> , where also my old skin was from, and I saw the skin I had to try a demo and yes, I felt for it.
Seven made these pictures of me with the new skin
It seems I infected Tim and he got a new skin to (from a other creator).
I made him a new profile picture.
After making his pictures I had to try to make some of me with using the SL light and shadow options. Here I am at the pool at our home and shows our backyard.
This last photo is made at the sauna and I could finally use the pose dad made for me.

<TheAbyss> Copyright [C] protected
You MAY use my work for photographs and movies when worn on the avatar.
If you are using the photographs or movie to sell an item (that wasn't originally created by me), that's ok too.
Please credit if you can.
Khai Sinister

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