Monday, November 21, 2011

Fruit & Vegetable Party in Sweetgrass

I think it was 2 weeks ago when Ganymede asked me if I could manage the party on Sunday November 20th. I said yes. I did try to get somebody that was not before DJ at Sweets. I asked the DJs I know but in such a short time they could not change there schedule. Gladly Tim offer himself to do the job. I was allowed to change the theme and I came with the idea to do a Fruit & Vegetable Party.
Short before the party I did a last inspection.
Even before noon, already the first guests arrived.
Tim played a great set en it seemed people enjoyed themselves.

Almost at the end of the party a cat named Marka Mirri took over the DJ Booth.

Gany did offer some fruit to Ellbee.

Tim and I in our Fruit & Vegetable outfits
Tim and I at the after party

Picture of the Winners is made by Gany.

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