Monday, May 13, 2013


On the invitation was written:
This week Sweetgrass celebrate those that give us life.  That one special person that we owe our existence.  The one that put band-Aids on our knee when we scraped it falling off our bikes. The one that always understands us more than we understand ourselves.

This week in Sweetgrass Mothers Day Party with DJ Bernard from  
21 - 23 CET (12pm SLT - 2pm SLT).  
$1000 for Best Mothers Day Outfit.
Especially I want to mention
Racky and Fio with there baby and Racky pregnant of there second child.
Fio as happy father
Aita. Who said in January, when we had the drag contest, that he not like to dress up as woman.
Picture of the winners made by Ganymede. Yes, it is me in the middle (lol).
More pictures at:  

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