Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lighten Up Party at T.R.A.C.S

Thursday May 23 2013, is recorded as the coldest May 23 ever in the Netherlands. It was not warmer than 10.3 degrees Celsius. The old record was about 10.4 degrees, in 1975. The lowest temperature measured was Thursday in South Limburg. There it was locally not warmer than 8.4 degrees. 
On average the temperature around this time in May is 18 degrees.
After this weekend the Netherlands slowly move to temperatures with normal values.
Gladly we have DJ Infa, this Saturday, to cheer us up.
Saturday it is also 135 years a go that the American stage and screen dancer Bill "Bojangles" Robinson (5/25/1878 - 11/25/1949) was born. So come to T.R.A.C.S, dance and get warm.
T.R.A.C.S at Timothy Plaza on River Island

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