Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Italian Party in Sweetgrass

Gany made the picture of the winners. On the cover notice was written:
Sunday the disco was moved to Italy, where the visitors - Mona Lisa included - celebrated this beautiful country by dancing, eating pizzas, drinking wine and enjoying each other.
DJ Rik spinned fabulous tunes! Six people won the contest:
Aitalas, Mona Christo, Curtis, Jace, Luca and Pietro, congrats boys!
We collected pictures in our album, which you can find at:
Press Play in the left top to start the show.
Next Sunday we have a Skirt Party with DJ JRose!
 I had a nice chat with Alina. She did send me this picture of Mona Lisa
 My thanks go to eros Boa who made La Gioconda, a complete Mona Lisa outfit. 

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