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My Second life, an update

After weeks of just pictures of the parties at Open Minds, in Sweetgrass and of our own club T.R.A.C.S. this will be a post about all kind of things that happen in my Second Life and because I am a real person, here behind my keyboard, sometimes has his effect, more or less, in my real life or just in my mind.

I did start to build again. After all the bad news around Second Life, the dictatorship acting of Linden Lab about frozen and terminated accounts, made for a long time that I did not wanted to invest anymore in SL. "Why would I build something when tomorrow it can be over?" There was even a time that I knew almost for sure that second life would not survive end of 2010. You maybe are wondering why I did start building again. I think it is just because I read less bad things about Linden, or better, I less search for it.
The last few weeks, and probable the weeks to come, I am busy.
After three years on Second life there is still not one moment I feel bored.
I not need to have a chicken or bunny farm and neither a horse ranch.
So what does keep me busy?
I did start to demolish or old harbor to make an Event Centre. I have my chats with friends and sometimes they have there small and less small dramas............
and sometime I run in to drama's. That what happen when I wanted to look at some clothes at Urban Wreckage and run literally against this board. I will not publish al what he wrote in his profile.

Yang told me that he will be on Marketplace.
Yang closed his shops in SL but:
Yang's sexy underwear + sportswear is now available in Marketplace! !!!
Search for Yang Boyd to find him!

Dad (Echo Douglas) made this picture of us months ago and because we had some avi changes............
... we had a photo shoot at dad's studio.
And in my real life, we had the first snow in Groningen.

I got a note from JR that he is back:
Hi boys and girls!
It's me, JR (not Ewing silly) and I'am back in SL with JR's Flippy Pic Art Gallery with me.
The GRAND RE-OPENING is set for November 22nd - 30th.
(starts tomorrow) Please come visit us at beautiful Sweetgrass.
Yes all my art pieces filp at your touch so you may add your very own texture/photo to the oppsite side, thus creating a two sided wall portrait. Now ain't that just neat! All art may be modified as well.
Come see our wall art display. In addition to our usual dude art, we also carry beautiful real life waterfalls, animals, surfers and beach, flowers and much much more. If you dont see what you are looking for, i'll create it just for you.
During the Grand Re-opening time, we will give you a free wall art of your choice for every two you purchase. To do this, buy as you want and I will send you a re-fund.
Thank you and happy shopping at JR's Flippy Pic Art Gallery

Seeya there,
JR (Jungle Rumpler)

Near the mill, in where JR has his shop, Norbie made a memorial.
He made a shrine for Karl and I asked him if there would be space for a shrine for Finesse.
There was room, so I asked dad (Echo Douglas) if he could help me with some pictures I have. Here is the note I send him.

Hello dad,
Let me first tell you the story.
In February 2009 a person that was a friend of Finesse told me that he found my name in the allowed list of Finesse's land. He told me she died in real. Finesse was my teacher at Gor and when I left Gor we kept contact. There is more to tell but let me stick to what happen after I been told she died.
A few days after that news I saw that she came online and I went to her place. She did not answer chat or IM so I think somebody of her family, friend or business (see was a poet in real) used her account.
I made a few pictures because I did not have a good sharp close one of her. But her eyes are black on the pictures.
Maybe she was wearing prim eyes and the user of the account did not know how they worked.
But they look strange and that's why I never used them. That's why I asked you if you could do eyes.
Sadly I do not know what color they had but with the blond hair I think blue or green.
I hope if you can do something with it. Take your time. And you not have to do them all. I send you the best and you pick one that you can use to work with.

I will use it for a memorial centre Norbie, owner of Sweetgrass, made for friends that died in rl or lost account by Linden Lab.
Love you dad.
Dad did a great job and with Finesse's poem I made a picture and Norbie made a shrine of it.
Sad news to read on Rickie's Blog

- Then we headed home for some serious discussions. Holding him ( Quagmire) in my arms we have decided that Tiger's will be closed. It was not an easy decision. The sim is for sale along with the homestead. You never know what tomorrow will hold. Only that you can only go forward, not back.
To all of our friends and guests Thank You for making Tiger's what it once was. We will see you on the grid sometime.
And good news from Sulie after some weeks of stress about the sim where he had his shop. Yes had, because he have a new place. Sulie always make long notes so here a part of it.

Our new re-birth and re-opening!!
Please forgive if this note is an unwanted intrusion. You are getting this note because you belong to our Group, or you bought art from me, or we met in other SL places
With thousands of visitors since October 2009, nearly 500 buyers, and more than 300 friends and calling cards, I want you all to know that my new, huge place with nearly 50,000 square meters on Script Island is now open.
You can see the entire collection, currently over 550 works of art, on Second Life Marketplace on line and reachable off-world at
Happiness is contagious; please spread a lot around
Sulie Criss

Main Landing Point on Script Island

Cale told me that his silks are not just for muscle man (me and my big mouth) and send me the url of a blog where one can read this:

Styling lesson No9 Silks
So I started a search to find some unique and stylish silks that EVERYONE could wear, not just the slaves!
I ended up at House of Alcott. To be honest, I was totally amazed with the choice here, and the designs were great, really unique and just what I was looking for! The owner Cale Alcott is a very talented designer and a really nice guy!
For the complete story.

Oh and Cale have soon a fashion show again.

Levi got me in the
Holiday Window Dressing Contest
Dreams Building Competition, December 2010
The Challenge: Dress a window for the holidays.
I told Jenna and I think she asked Ash to join the contest.
For me Levi is a winner,
I made a simple window about The Little Match Girl (Danish: Den Lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne, meaning "The little girl with the matchsticks") is a short story by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen. The story is about a dying child's dreams and hope, and was first published in 1845.
Dec  1 5 pm PST Voting begins
Dec  19 1 pm PST Voting ends
Dec  19 5 pm PST Awards and Show & Tell
Jan 4 – 6 Dismantle builds

And last but least, Kap my SL niece is getting married.

And here in the real Groningen it is still snowing

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