Friday, December 10, 2010

the gay weekend clubs

Open Minds Dance Club
hi all,
the last cold weeks before christmas.... longer colder nights, bright stars at the sky , but at Open Minds it's still warm.....
today we'll have the best tunes from pop from 2010 and some lil steps aside to some eurodance & mixes
Just a few weeks and we'll enter 2011, what's nicer than enter it slowly , dancing on the best tunes, meeting friends, AND play a lil game of trivia.....
bring your best mood, friends, and prepare wikipedia.....
we wait you tonight @ Open Minds...... 9 pm CET/noon slt


Often, life is like the squares of the chessboard, full of black and white, colors of light and darkness. Tonight we dance on the light and dark tunes of DJ Jamy who unites us all on the dance floor, like Yin and Yang unites the black and white.
We party as usual from 21:00-24:00CET / 12PM-3PM SLT.
Join the contest for sexiest Black and White outfit and win 1000L$
Ganymede and the team

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