Monday, December 13, 2010

Black and White Party in Sweetgrass

In the invitation was written: ....... unites us all on the dance floor, like Yin and Yang unites the black and white. And the dance floor was the Yin & Yang sign.  Gany was not there to make pictures and Rod said somebody else was making snapshots. I took a few. The white floor was very white so maybe it had be better I not had made them with noon light.
Almost at the end of the voting Norbie ask me if I could make the photo of the winners because after his crash much people where still rezzing in his view. I felt flatterd that Norbie asked me and I said yes. Oooh, I did not know that I would be so nervous and especially when after the shoot all my shapshots showed black and I had to do it again.

Gladly Sinead and Jenna would pose again and I could make this one of the winners.
You can see more pictures of the party Norbie made, and he did a great job, at:

Next Sunday December 19 at Sweetgrass: Japanese Party with DJ JRose

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