Monday, March 10, 2014


Is there is a curse on your club? Did I insulting and hurting people? 
I have no idea what the reason is that we have, lately, less guests at our theme party on Saturday. I know guests come and go and we had less guests in the past. I know and I have not the intention to, that the club will make me become rich. The club only cost money. When I was president of a country I would have, with that policy, to step down due to a financial scandal.
So what makes that people go to a club in Second Life?
I know what I like and not like about a club but is that also the reason that guests come to our club? There are enough things to consider, think out, think it over, contemplate, reflect on, ponder on and think over.
▲▼ Caasper & Duke
▼ Bami
▲▼ Elbee
▲▼ Rod
▲▼ Tim
▼ Gay & Aita 

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