Monday, March 17, 2014


Last week (2014/03/14 16:45) Fio send this group notice:
Dear barefoot friends,
For some days I have no messages from our dear Racker Snook. At the end of February he felt unwell; his doctor was monitoring his conditions. Racker told me (1-3-2014) that if he did not improve, the doctor would put him in hospital. He continued to work (in RL) until Thursday, 6 March. That's the last day we heard from him. I can only hope he is in the safe care of his doctors. Please pray for him. As soon as I hear anything, I shall share with you.
Fio and Racker 
Yesterday Fio send this groups notice:  
Fiorino Pera: Group Notice Sent by: Fiorino Pera. 
Racker in grave condition
Dear friends,
This morning I received a message from Racker's family in RL that he suffered a stroke on 6 March. After 10 days in hospital his health is gradually improving. He still has difficulty speaking, and he is depressed.
Please continue to pray for him and his dear ones in RL. Many depend on him.
Our thoughts are very much with Racker and his family and friends in Real and in Second Life. 
Get well soon, Racker.
Rod, Tim and Christo

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