Monday, December 30, 2013

Sunday Parties

Tim and I went to two parties yesterday.

Bye Bye 2013 Party in Sweetgrass
Ganymede wrote today:
"We had outrageous fun while celebrating the New Year in iconic style with a glamorous extravaganza of music by DJ Beef, dancing, dining and lots of champagne, Norbie wrote after taking a champagne bath; "2013 was a wonderful year!"
The contest is won by Luca, Aitalas, Christo and Pietro, congrats boys!

Press Play in the left top to start the show.
Next Sunday we have an Ice Skating Party with DJ Racker!

Miss Cat's RezzDay
On the invite she wrote: 
"It's my 5th rezzday!!!!  I made it this stopping now :)
Christmas has been time to make an this is it :)  Hope you all hade a great Christmas and that you will come join the rezzday party at 12 noon slt Sunday December 29th 2013.
Would love to see you all
Captain and Cat
Captain, Cat and Lowen
Captain, Cat, Lowen,, Ryder and Tim
always a great place to go: 

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