Monday, December 2, 2013


DJ CAT did entertain us with her set. We had two Trivia and JK was even faster with Google than me and gave the best answers. 

We did celebrate that Alvei is 1000 days on Second Life and DJ Cat played a request from Caasper to give it a special attention.

Here are the pictures I made during the party.

▲ DJ Cat
▲ CallMe
▲ Tim
▲ Mike
▲ Truposz and Alvei
▲ Fio
▲ Niki
▲ El
▲ JK and CallMe
▲ Niki and Matilda
▲▼ Duke and Caas
▲▼ Fio
▲▼ Christo
▲▼ Ellbee
▲ Sim and Fio
▲▼ Gany

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