Monday, December 9, 2013


Saturday party started slow but we had a great after party. Tim played another set and the last guest left at 3.00 pm (00:00 CET). 

The nightmare of every manager, that is what Norbie called it, happen when I took the Sploder instate to filling it. So I had to pay the guest deposit back and forgot to allow the Sploder to take money of me, so when it exploded it did not pay the money to the winners. For the first time I was happy we had less guests.
The trivia I made went well, happily.

Here are the pictures I made during the party. 
▲▼ Ellbee
▲▼ Norbie challenged gravity with his bowl of cereal.
Picture made by Norbie. He said it was his best snapshot, eating from the bowl, and he could only eat 10 times.
▲▼ Duke
▲▼ Racker
▲▼ Tim
▲▼ Duke and Caasper
▲▼ Simpli
▲▼ Ellbee and Sim
▲▼ Gany and his package
▲▼ Racker, Fio and Sim
▲▼ Pietro and Joeh came at the end of the party. Later Luca joined them
▲▼ Pietro had a new dance hud and invited us. Pietro said that we could be stars at Las Vegas 

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