Monday, October 3, 2011

Underwear part one

I love underwear. I have a full inventory with underwear of several creators. 
Already for sometime, I work on some posts about real and second life underwear. 
This post becomes the start of it.
On of my favourite underwear creator in Second Life is Vitamen Hax. 
I remember Vitamen had a small shop in Second Life where I, end 2007, 
bought my first item made by him.
I never met him but he was so kind, when I asked him last year, to make me a tattoo layer of an item he made years ago as monthly gift. So when I got the invitation for the VITAMEN's Secret Fashion Show in tou-Gen-kyo (Gay Adult Sim) I had to go.
Sadly the sim crashed shortly after I arrive and I could not return when it was back online because there where already 50 people on the sim.
So sadly I have no photos. The place looked great. It was under water and in Asian style with naked guys hanging on the ceiling and in cages. I found a picture on Gay Worldsnews that give you an idea. (So with out the public and the naked guys)

More about Vitamen at:

His shops are at:
This is some of his simwear

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