Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The party's over. part 2

In December 2010 we got the news that something was going wrong between our landlady and Linden Lab. It seems that her note card, where see claims that it is not her fault that LL not got her payment for her sims, never reached us. Suddenly the place where we paid our rent was gone. Other renters give us the note card of our landlady. We did contact Linden lab and asked if we could buy Christo Island, but that was not possible. We did hope there would be a solution or that the troubles between Linden lab and our landlady would came to a good end but in the first week of January 2011 it was not longer possible to enter the sim.
The sim would be deleted and we got a weekend to clean the sim.

I made this last snapshot of our house before I took it in my inventory.

We cleaned the sim and after that Christo Island was short a not accessible sim with a blinking black dot, till it total disappeared from the map.

A new home
We did live short in my Linden house. But that feels small when you lived for such a time in a big house. At Christo Island we did start a small ranch and we could place the horses at dad's parcel.
I have to confess that much between leaving Christo Island and the day Tim told Rod and me, that he rented a small parcel, I not remember. What I do remember was that feeling, that same sadness when Karl was terminated. So easy you can loose all what you love and I could not do a thing, I could not prevent.
That dear Tim named the parcel "the new beginning".

I did build us a small house. But it was comfy and bigger than the Linden home. Not long after that I got us a bigger parcel. Now the horses could be placed there and Rod did start to breed horses. Slowly I did start with decorating the parcel and I did start building a big house on the small parcel. Dillon did send us a cat and that was the start of a cattery.

A new sim
I think Tim, even though he did not talk much about it, mist our sim a lot. We did discussed a lot if we would rent or buy a sim and we finally agreed that we would rent one. So we had to move again and went to River Island.
A empty River Island

To be continued.

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