Monday, October 3, 2011

Rik and Sabin's wedding.

We met Rik at Open Minds, already some time ago, where he often is DJ.
We not know him that much but we got an invitation to his marriage with Sabin.
The wedding was on Saturday noon and because we on sabbatical and not have parties at T.R.A.C.S., it was no problem to go.
Tim had things in real life and Rod had a day off and wanted to go with me, to hold my hand and the Kleenex box.  
So Saturday we got on our tuxedo. Here a picture of Rod and me at our house.
At the wedding place we met Norbie and later also Aita and Gay.
I was online with the Firestorm viewer and because they used a hud for the ceremony and my settings colours where to dark it was not easy to follow all of it. 
But I could make some photos.
After the ceremony there was, off course, a wedding party. Was great to hold and dance with Rod, who can, because of his busy real life, not be much online.

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