Saturday, January 30, 2010

Parties at Open Minds

Jenna is a Party Animal. She wants and loves parties. Before you know, you been tp in. I always have a good time when she is a host or DJ, so you not hear me complaining.
But, what is a party animal?
A fairly large creature, the wild American Party Animal is often seen in his natural habitats. Finding him is not the most trying of tasks; one need simply walk to the nearest fraternity house, bar, pub, club, college dorm, or house to find one.
His eating habits are not yet completely known or understood, but he is frequently seen rejecting the contents of his stomach into vases, urns, toilets, top-loading washing machines, priceless heirlooms, and other receptacles. This demonstrates his inability to recognize the sentimental or emotional value of objects.
He is sometimes hairy, sometimes quite close-shaven, but will almost always cover his head with a hat of some kind, even in the summer where temperatures in his habitat reach in excess of eighty degrees Fahrenheit.
His language skills are simpler than that of the ordinary human, often using sounds such as "bro", "cash", "broad", and "home skillet" that have no meaning to a true human being.
Despite his cultural deficiencies, the Party Animal often lives quite a luxurious lifestyle. They are known to rely on their parents for protection and sustenance until, on average, they reach the age of 25 and can no longer rely on their parents stability of mind for food and money.

A captive Party Animal will "imprint" himself on the first female, or "broad" in his primitive language, that he sees. The function of this is not known, as he tends to dismiss her advances in favor of other members of her pack.

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