Sunday, January 31, 2010

A builder exploring Second Life [A Continuous Story]

Exploring SL, I landed at The Criss -Museum of Contemp Art, Alajuela.
I came there for the museum and the art, but there is much more to see.
[ here you see just a smal part] Its part of islands around Costa Rica. Better know as the Costa Rica Sims.There is so much to explore and you cannot see it all in just one visit. There are the national parks, ancient temple maze, rainforest, coral beaches, active volcanoes, waterfalls surrounded by lush vegetation. There are many activities for recreation such as surfing, water rafting, scuba diving, horse farm and garden center where you can go horseback riding, garden center, sailing, fishing, swimming and hang gliding. Whether you want a place to relax, explore, or have romantic outing this is the place to go.
Most of the plots in their high-demand residential sims have water access, mostly in the form of creeks and small rivers, connecting to the vast waterways that connect the whole mini-continent.
[to be continued]

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