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"Inflatable" is a song by alternative rock band Bush and the final single from their fourth album Golden State. Inflatable could not be included on future compilations such as The Best Of: 1994–1999 due to lack of licensing rights.

The song's chorus has a lyric inspired by a line from the Pixies song "Bone Machine". Bone Machine features the line 'You're so pretty when you're faithful to me', while Gavin Rossdale sings 'So pretty when you're faithful'. It was mutual appreciation of the Pixies that drew founding members Gavin Rossdale and Nigel Pulsford together.

The song bears some resemblance to previous Bush hits Glycerine and Letting the Cables Sleep in that it is more subdued than the band's other singles. However, it is the only Bush song to feature an acoustic guitar. 
The song is the last single featuring the four original members of the band and it would be the last single to be released under the Bush name for almost 9 years until 2010 when "Afterlife" was released.

Bush (band)
Bush are a British rock band formed in London in 1992 shortly after vocalist/guitarist Gavin Rossdale and guitarist Nigel Pulsford met. It was not long before they recruited bassist Dave Parsons, and later drummer Robin Goodridge, and started writing. Dave Parsons joined Bush shortly after leaving the band Transvision Vamp. Drummers such as Sacha Gervasi, Amir, and Spencer Cobrin had all filled in as Bush drummers before Robin Goodridge was made the permanent fit and thus completing the Bush line-up.

The band found its immediate success with the release of their debut album Sixteen Stone in 1994, which is certified 6× multi-platinum by the RIAA. Bush went on to become one of the most commercially successful rock bands of the 1990s, selling over 10 million records in the United States. Despite their success in the United States, the band was less well known in their home country and enjoyed only marginal success there. Bush have had numerous top ten singles on the Billboard rock charts, and one No. 1 album for Razorblade Suitcase in 1996. The band separated in 2002 but the name was revived in 2010 and they began work on a new album, The Sea of Memories, which was released in September 2011. The group chose the name "Bush" because they used to live in Shepherd's Bush, London.

Music Video
Inflatable was the last Bush song prior to their 2010 "The Sea of Memories" to feature a music video and was directed by Giuseppe Capotondi. Guitarist Pulsford was absent from the video as he was taking a break from touring. Rossdale's initial vision was for the video to be set at a wedding ceremony for a young conscript about to leave for the Vietnam war. However, Rossdale was concerned that he would be seen as captilizing on his own impending wedding to Gwen Stefani and so instead the video was set at a leaving party. The band can be seen performing on stage while people dance. Later a brawl outbreaks but the band continue to perform undisturbed in a tranquil manner in fitting with the mood of the song. The video was filmed in London at the Lambeth Liberal & Radical club.
Inflatable lyrics

Let it slide overhead
 When I believe in you my soul can rest
 But as love that's really love can never fail
 But fail it does
 When we shine like the sun
 You seem the only one my only friend

You're so pretty in white pretty when you're faithful
 So pretty in white pretty when you're faithful
 when you're faithful

I resigned from myself
 Took a break as someone else
 It's like we've come undone
 But I've only just become inflatable for you

You're so pretty in white pretty when you're faithful
 So pretty in white pretty when you're faithful
 So pretty in white pretty when you're faithful
 When you're faithful

I don't mind most of the time
 But you push me so far inside

You're so pretty in white pretty when you're faithful
 So pretty in white pretty when you're faithful
 So pretty in white pretty when you're faithful
 So pretty in white pretty when you're faithful
 when you're faithful
 when you're faithful

Inflatable You
Darkside is the first solo comedy album released by the Australian musical comedian Tim Minchin. It was recorded during Minchin's show at the Spiegeltent in Melbourne during 2005. It contains early versions of some of the songs Minchin still performs now, such as "Inflatable You", "Rock N Roll Nerd" and the title song "Dark Side".

The show and particularly the song "Rock N Roll Nerd" is described as "kinda biographical" by Minchin as they tell of his dreams of being a rock star and how he failed to take himself seriously.

Tim Minchin
Timothy David "Tim" Minchin (born 7 October 1975) is a British-born Australian comedian, actor, and musician.
Minchin is best known for his musical comedy, which has featured six CDs, three DVDs and a number of live comedy shows that he performed internationally. He has also appeared on television in Australia, Britain and the United States. After growing up in Perth, Western Australia, he attended the University of Western Australia and WAAPA before moving to Melbourne in 2002. His breakout show, "Dark Side", launched him into the public eye, achieving critical success at the 2005 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the 2005 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In 2013, Minchin played the role of rock star Atticus Fetch on Showtime's Californication.

Inflatable You lyrics

This is a love song.

Your love for me is not debatable
 Your sexual appetite's insatiable
 You never ever make me waitable
 Delectable, inflatable you.

You don't have problems with your weight at all
 You never steal food off my plate at all
 I never have to masturbate at all
 Unstoppable, inflatable you.

You never seem to menstruate at all
 So you're not angry when I'm late at all
 I feel permanently fallatable
 Unpoppable, inflatable you.

With you in my arms I feel we could just fly away
 With the right kind of gas I might even try it some day
 In this ocean of life I'm never afraid I might drown
 We could just float forever whatever the weather
 Whenever my inflatable lover's around.

Your thighs and buttocks are so holdable
 You always do what you are toldable
 And if we argue you just foldable
 Controllable consolable you.

My mates all reckon you are suitable
 I took you around to watch the footable
 And Steve and Gary said you're rootable
 Refutable, commutable you.
 You're never sensitive or tickly
 When I rub you my skin goes prickly
 It's know as static electricity
 Felicity when I'm kissing you.

Your skin is so smooth I couldn't afford you with hair
 You have all the holes real girls have got plus one for the air
 Your problems are simple, I don't need my Masters in Psych
 To know if you get down I just perk you right up
 With a couple of squirts from the pump off my bike.

You never wake up when I snore at all
 A trait which I find quite adorable
 You have a box and you are storable
 Ignorable, back-doorable you.

Any sexual position's feasible
 Although you don't bend at the knees at all
 Your hooters are so firm and squeezable
 Increasable, un-creasable you.

You don't complain about my hairy back
 Or about the inches that downstairs I lack
 You're not disgusted by my furry crack
 Burt Bacharach... Jack Kerouac... Oooo...

Now birth control is not an issue
 I clean it all off with a tissue
 I bet my jealous friends all wish you
 Were insatiably inflatably theirs.

Don't let me down.
 Don't let me down.
 Don't let me down.

 And I won't let you down.

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