Monday, August 26, 2013


Almost I had to annul the party when the hired deejay had to cancel his gig at the last minute because of real life issues. None of our regular deejays, which been online, could substitute.
So I asked DJ Spike. Spike was never DJ at T.R.A.C.S but after a short some time to think it through, he agreed.

To my surprise and what make it even more a great day, our Polish guest did return.
I thanked a few for her or his return and they said that they were happy to be back.
So it was no problem to bring up the 
"mister T.R.A.C.S" statue for the photo shoot at the end of the party.
Here are the pictures I made.

▲ on the left DJ Spike
▲▼ overview
 ▲▼ photo shoot with "Mister T.R.A.C.S"

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