Monday, August 19, 2013

Swiss Party in Sweetgrass

Same as Saturday at our party, there were also at Sweetgrass fewer guests than normally.
Is it the theme, the deejay or just a coincidence? It is difficult to explain in any case.
For the second week in row I was one of the winners.

On 17 November 1825, the Swiss chocolatier Philippe Suchard (1797–1884) established a p√Ętisserie in Neuch√Ętel, where he sold a hand-made dessert named chocolat fin de sa fabrique and began manufacturing chocolates the next year. In 1901 the Suchard company had the Milka trademark registered. According to the official site, the name is derived from combining Milch and Kakao, which are the German terms for milk and cocoa, chocolate's primary ingredients. However, Croatian sources claim it to be a tribute to Carl Russ-Suchard's admiration of Richard Wagner interpretations by Milka Ternina (1863–1941), a famous soprano of the time. The chocolates are distinctively packaged in purple.

The brand has a well-known symbol, a Purple Cow, which is a lilac coloured Simmental cattle (Fleckvieh) which are normally brown-white, with a completely white face. A cow was already depicted on the early chocolate packing in 1901 and appeared in billboard advertising from the 1950s onwards. A first ad campaign displaying a dyed living cow was launched by Young & Rubicam in 1972. Today the Milka Cow sports a bell around her neck, and is usually shown in an Alpine meadow surrounding.
 ▲▼ Tim and me.
 ▼ Picture of the winners made by Norbie.
More pictures, for one week, at:

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