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Spring part I

Spring fever
Spring fever is a term applied to several sets of physical and psychological symptoms associated with the arrival of spring. In general it refers to an increase in energy, vitality and particularly sexual appetite, often particularly strong in those suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and thus experiencing lows during the winter months. It is this sense that inspires the use of the term as a title for several works of literature and entertainment. In some uses however it refers to the opposite, an unexpected loss of energy with the onset of spring.
As a translation of the German term "Frühjahrsmüdigkeit" (lit. "Spring tiredness") in Dutch "Voorjaarsmoeheid, Spring Fever is the name for a temporary mood typically characterized by a state of low energy and weariness experienced by many people in springtime. It is not in the category of a diagnosed illness, but rather a phenomenon thought to be initiated by a change in the season.

In the northern hemisphere the symptoms usually arise from mid-March to mid-April, and depending on the person may be more or less pronounced. Weariness (despite an adequate amount of sleep), sensitivity to changes in the weather, dizziness, irritability, headaches, and sometimes aching joints and a lack of drive are the most common.

Although the causes of spring fever have not yet been fully resolved, hormone balance may play a role. According to this hypothesis the body’s reserves of the “happiness hormone” serotonin, whose production depends on daylight, become exhausted over the winter, making it especially easy for the “sleep hormone” melatonin to have its effect. When the days become longer in springtime, the body readjusts its hormone levels, and more endorphin, testosterone and estrogen are released. This changeover puts a heavy strain on the body, which responds with a feeling of tiredness.

In addition, temperatures usually fluctuate greatly in springtime. When temperatures rise, blood pressure drops, since the blood vessels expand. Food also plays a role. In winter one tends to consume more calories, fat and carbohydrates than in summer. But during the hormone adjustment period the body requires more vitamins and proteins instead.

The notion of Spring fever's existence has drawn criticism from individuals such as Thomas Szasz, who uses such as evidence that this is once again labelling a behavior as a disease. On an occasion he announced "Spring fever all you have to know is English. Spring fever is not a disease".

Spring Fever song
Spring Fever, words & music by Bernie Baum, Bill Giant, Florence Kaye is a song from the move Girl Happy. Girl Happy is a 1965 American musical romantic comedy in the beach party film and spring break style, starring Elvis Presley in his 18th feature. The movie won a fourth place prize Laurel Award in the category Top Musical of 1965.
Although MGM presented Girl Happy as a beach party film ("Elvis brings his beat to the beach!" "Elvis jumps with the campus crowd to make the beach 'ball' bounce!") and while Presley had previously appeared shirtless in films prior to this, he never appears without a shirt at anytime throughout his many scenes at the pool and on the beach in Florida, wearing long sleeves for most of the film - even while water-skiing.
Spring Fever Lyrics

A little bird, he told me so
 He said come on, get on the go
 Open your eyes the sky is full of butterflies
 The blossoms on the trees stir up the honey bees
 Spring makes my fever right

Spring fever, Spring is here at last
 Spring fever, my heart's beating fast
 Get up, get out spring is everywhere

Well if you feel the wanderlust
 Just grab a car or hop a bus
 In every town there's excitement to be found
 So much is happening
 Don't miss the joy of spring
 The world's in love just look around

Spring fever comes to everyone
 Spring fever, it's time for fun
 Get up, get out spring is everywhere

Spring fever, it's Spring fever time
 Spring fever, watch that fever climb
 Get up, get out spring is everywhere

Spring is everywhere


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