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Tomorrow we have a Bulge Party. Infa will be the deejay tomorrow and he also came with the idea to have a Bulge Party as theme. Normally I post something about the theme and also try to find a song that would fit in theme. That was not an easy job with this theme. But lets have a start and find out what BULGE means.   
Wikipedia was not that helping this time.
Look up bulge in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.
Bulge may refer to:
Astronomy and geography
·        Bulge (astronomy), a tightly packed group of stars at the center of a spiral galaxy
·        Equatorial bulge, a bulge around the equator of a planet due to rotation
·        Tharsis bulge, vast volcanic plateau centered near the equator in Mars’ western hemisphere
·        Tidal bulge, a bulge of land or water on a planet created by the pull of another object in orbit
·        A localized discontinuity in an extended military line
·        Battle of the Bulge, a major World War II German offensive on the Western front starting in 1944
·        Anti-torpedo bulge, passive warship defence against naval torpedoes between the WWI and WWII
·        Helge "Bulge" Bostrom (1894–1977), Canadian professional ice hockey player
·        Beta bulge, a localized disruption of the regular hydrogen bonding of a beta sheet
·        Bulge bracket, the world's largest and most profitable multi-national investment banks
·        Earth bulge, a term used in telecommunications
·        Power bulge, raised part (a bulge) of the hood (bonnet) of a car
·        The Bulge, a mountain located in Coos County, New Hampshire
See also
·        Battle of the Bulge (disambiguation)
·        Hernia, sometimes referred to as a bulge or bulge out
·        South Sister Bulge the oldest and most eroded of the Three Sisters (Oregon), known as "Faith"

The Online Slang Dictionary was more helpful.
Bulge: the visible presence of male genitalia in clothing.
So a bulge is a package:  Male genitalia (penis and scrotum together), often associated with large size. "Man, look at the bulge in that dude's pants! His package must be huge."

Origin: 1200–50; Middle English:  bag, hump < Old French  < Latin bulga  bag < Celtic;  compare Irish bolg  bag.

It seems that people on You Tube know what a bulge is.
Next search was to find a song. There are no songs with bulge in the song title but there are a few with bulge in the lyrics. One is Mr. Jones by the Talking Heads from there album Naked.

Talking Heads were an American new wave and avant-garde band formed in 1975 in New York City and active until 1991. The band comprised David Byrne (lead vocals and guitar), Chris Frantz (drums and backing vocals), Tina Weymouth (bass and backing vocals) and Jerry Harrison (keyboards, guitar, and backing vocals). Auxiliary musicians also regularly made appearances in concert and on the group's albums. The new wave style of Talking Heads combined elements of punk rock, art rock, avant-garde, pop, funk, world music, and Americana. Frontman and songwriter David Byrne (born May 14, 1952 in Dumbarton, Scotland) contributed whimsical, esoteric lyrics to the band's songs, and emphasized their showmanship through various multimedia projects and performances.
David Byrne
Critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine describes Talking Heads as being "one of the most critically acclaimed bands of the '80s, while managing to earn several pop hits." In 2002, the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Four of the band's albums appeared on Rolling Stone magazine's 2003 list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, and the Channel 4 100 Greatest Albums poll listed one album (Fear of Music) at number 76. On a 2011 update of Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Artists of All Time", the band was ranked at No. 100.

Naked (Talking Heads album)
Naked is the eighth and final studio album by Talking Heads, released in 1988. The band dissolved shortly after the album's release, finally announcing their breakup in 1991.

Wanting to try something different after their use of regional American music and the pop song format on their previous two albums, Little Creatures and True Stories, Talking Heads decided to record their final album in Paris with a group of international musicians. Prior to leaving for France, the band recorded about 40 improvisational tracks that would serve as the foundation for the sessions in Paris.

Once in Paris, the band, along with producer Steve Lillywhite were joined by a number of other musicians in the recording studio where they would rehearse and play for the entire day. At the end of each day, one take was selected as being the ideal version of a particular tune.

In the interest of freedom for the musicians, it was decided that lyrics and melodies would be left until later. The lyrics were not overdubbed until the band returned to New York. Many of David Byrne's lyrics were improvisations sung along with the prerecorded tracks until he found something that he felt worked. In this way, the melodies and lyrics evolved in a similar fashion as the songs themselves.
Talking Heads – Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones
 Put a wiggle in your stride
 Loosen up
 I believe he'll be alright
 Changing clothes
 Now he's got ventilated slacks
 Bouncing off the walls
 Mr. Jones is back!

Bulge out
 And wind your waist
 Tight pants
 Got curly hair
 Drinking cold beer
 From metal cans
 And Handi-Wipes!

Mr. Jones is back in town
 It's his lucky day
 Hold up your hands and shout
 Jones is on his way
 Pitter pat
 Mr. Jones is back in town
 Aces high
 Now his pants are falling down

He looks so fine
 In those patent leather shoes
 Mr. Jones, you look tired
 I believe you'll be alright
 Sales men
 Some rock stars
 With tambourines
 Short skirts

And skinny legs
 Selling bibles
 And real estate
 It's a big day for Mr. Jones
 He is not so square
 Mr. Jones will stick around
 He's everybody's friend
 Fast cars
 And motorbikes

I'm sure glad
 He's on our side
 The Jones Gang
 Down at the bar
 Watch out, this time
 They've gone too far
 They call for Mr. Jones

They put him in charge
 Mr. Jones will help us out
 He's a lucky guy
 It is Mr. Jones' Birthday party
 For another year
 In his hotel room Party favors
 It's a holiday

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