Friday, April 12, 2013


Ismael Álvarez
For some years I am an admirer of the artwork of Ismael Álvarez and for the first time I used one of his work for a party. Alvarez's style is colourful. Have a look yourself:
Translation of what he writes about himself on the site.
My name is Ismael Álvarez. May 12, 1978 (Taurus) in Ayamonte, a small village in Huelva, Andalusia, Spain was born (although we could now say that it is a great city, due to its growth and popularity). Live in Madrid, the capital Spanish, and I wouldn't change this city for anything in the world, I love and I love Madrid (as they say: "from Madrid to the sky"). I love not only by the fact that this city is beautiful, but people I've known here, very important for me, which are already part of my life. It is here in Madrid where he started working as an Illustrator, designer and comic book artist. I love all kinds of art, eroticism, and - why not say it - the world of pornography. I don't understand why people see the sex (and everything that surrounds it) as something taboo, dirty, only targeting perverts... is quite the opposite!.
Ismael Álvarez

If you don't like what you see, before you rant and you cross that blessed, you have it easy, simply... GO, AND DO NOT LOOK! Sex is something beautiful, my dear friends, appreciate it as such...♥

I'm going to hell with drunks, whores, poets, the fags and other evil people live. Heaven must be very boring for me...

Needless to say that this website is For adults only. Therefore, if you are a minor I advise that you close it and explore other lares chords over the years you have. I should also say that if you are here it is because you agree to the above conditions and you act at your own risk; but of course, I am not going to be the hypocrite of the day, and if still less want to follow, I hope that you enjoy the content. If you are too small and you are browsing, it is not to you or to me who is to blame, but to your parents or family members responsible for your education. Unfortunately it is always easier to blame others for our own mistakes.
All, Absolutely all (even more when you're young and it hurts to the soul you kill straws), we are curious and we like to see that sort of thing than society in general tends to be ashamed and impose as taboo. It's amazing how still, to this day, a simple naked can scandalize both. I still do not understand why people look taboo or dirty the human body, with the beautiful thing that is.
The eroticism, pornography, can also be art. And the sex is just that, sex, something as normal as eating, as drinking... What's scandalous to see a cock, a cone or an ass?, what's immodest or dirty show two bodies (or whatever...), making love, or simply fucking?. Have always thought that those who see sex as something dirty is simple and simply because their minds are the dirty...

I think this is one of the best artwork of Michael Jackson. Yes, made by Ismael Álvarez.

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