Monday, January 21, 2013


We at T.R.A.C.S, had Saturday our pre-selection for the
DJ Rik had made a great set for this special event.
I was so busy with instant messages, about the performing act of Seven and the people that joined the contest that I almost forgot to make pictures. So I have fewer pictures to publish than normally.    
The three winning Drag Queens that will be representing T.R.A.C.S at the Grand Finale February 10th are:

Ellbee Allen
I'm a gay man in the US, and I love to dance and be with people. I value my friends in SL the same as I value them in RL. On Feb. 22, 2008 I married Guy Darcy, the most perfect lover I can imagine. Words can't say how much joy he brings to my life. He and I developed Coral Reef Gay Rendezvous, a great gay meeting place.
Coral Reef Gay Rendezvous is a place for gay men to meet and hangout in a tropical setting with a Tiki village, a bar, and lot of water activities, or just to chill and enjoy the sights.
We are open to all gay men and hope you will enjoy meeting new people and enjoy the islands.
Please visit our homepage at

Fiorino Pera
Mi chiamo Fiorino. Laureato in scienze dell'educazione. Mi piace viaggiare, amo la storia, e ci sto volentieri in compagnia. Il miglior amico in SL è lo svizzero Racker Snook (cioè, «il Birichino»).
18+ Fluent in Italian, English & Spanish, Fiorino relishes travel, loves history, and enjoys being with people (and other living creatures) of many diverse cultures and epochs.
Fiorino and his friend Racker created their own tropical paradise on Barefoot Islands, as a retreat from their cruising around in this Second Life.
Fiorino is also a great writer:

Miguel Harsley
I love to dance! To Build and have fun!
Friendship, trust, respect is something very dear to me. Love is even more than this but if one of this parts is missing, then it's not worth much!
▲ DJ Rik
 ▲▼ overview. Miguel with the pink shoes and hair 
▲▼ Ellbee
▲ Fiorino
▲▼ Seven as Jackie Beat
 ▲ me, myself and I
▲ DJ Rik

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