Monday, January 28, 2013


On January 26, 1965, Hindi became the official language of India and last Saturday we had a Bollywood Party at T.R.A.C.S. Deejay Maharajah Racker had a made a great set of Hindi songs. I had a lot of IM's of guests that they loved the set because it was not the usually what one hear at clubs and be also very danceable. 
You did a great job, Racker.
For the second time, in a few weeks, the sim crashed and we had just 20 people on it. We had more problems lately, so I checking the sim for what maybe caused it and writing Linden Lab a note.
Here are some of the pictures I made.
▲ Racker
▲ Eleutherios
▲ Norbie
▲ Christo
▲▼ Ellbee and Guy
▲ Alvei
▲▼ Alvei and Martin
▲ Infa 
▲▼ Fiorino and in the background Ellbee and Dillon
▲ Martin, Lena and Caasper

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