Monday, April 16, 2012

Titanic - "I'm flying, Jack!"

With the 100th Anniversary of the voyage and sinking of the RMS Titanic, the attention of Second Life residents is drawn to the Grid's own Titanic.
There are shops throughout the interior of the ship, but the exterior is purely Titanic. You’re welcome to dance, but if you want to dance on the stern or in the ballroom, you must wear formal clothes. Sunday Rod and I went there. It was very laggy and with more than 70 people on the sim, not so strange. I did not give me a "wow" feeling and I did not like all the shops in the interior. But a sim cost money........
 But what I wanted was, to stand on the railing of the ship.
"I'm Flying" is perhaps the most famous scene in the movie Titanic. In it, Rose seeks out Jack and apologizes for refusing to listen to him earlier that day when he insists that she breaks free from her slave like lifestyle before it results in death. Jack then makes her stand on the railing of the ship, grabs her arms as she extends them out, and Rose says one of the most famous lines from the film, "I'm flying, Jack!"

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