Thursday, April 12, 2012


 SUNDAY, 8TH, 2012
Easter has arrived to Sweetgrass! 
So it's time again to get your baskets ready and
look for those Easter Eggs!
Come, join us at our annual Easter party

We will dance at the exciting tunes of DJ Beef,
and there will be $1000 to win for the cutest Easter outfit!
Aitalas, Gay and the team
▲ Gany
▲ DJ Beef
▲ Lexzia and Frankie
▲ Elbee
 ▲ Bernard
▲ ▼ Overview
▲ Racker
▲ Elijah
▲ Christo
▲ Rod
 ▲ Racker and Fio
the bunny hip hop 
▲ Christ, Rod and Blu
 picture of the winners made by Gany

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