Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter weekend 2

Thursday we went to the SPIRIDON CLUB , Rosen (127, 218, 36)
where Ricky Flow have his weekly concert.
There was not a party at Open Minds on Good Friday.
Hi all,
This week all over the world Christians celebrate the most important religious Feasts of the year, white Thursday, Good Friday and Eastern on Sunday.
Because of the special character of the Good Friday we will skip this week's party at Open Minds. For all a happy Eastern, and hope to see you next week!!

Rod and I went to a concert of WashedUp Sideways at the Four Moons Pub.
Welcome to Hiram's Four Moon's Pub! The pub has been established as an expression of a shared interest in keeping live music performance alive and thriving in SL. Our goal is to provide the best of live music in Second Life in an atmosphere that all can enjoy.
I did wrote before about WashedUp Sideways.

The (SL) Guitar Museum has closed its doors end of February. Oddy wrote:
Kinda sad news….We, the staff of the SL Guitar Museum just closed doors. The only reason is that what started out as ‘a fun thing to do’, turned into a (almost) 24/7 job. We had lots of live musicians, dj’s and such, and while we got some help from some awesome friends (you know who you are guys, thanks!!), a lot of work came down on us, 3 owners of the guitar museum. We had to decorate (winter, Easter, Halloween, spring, X-mas, new year, etc, etc settings (great advice Angel)), arrange gigs, host lots of those gigs, research guitar musicians info (awesome job Bono), Build this, build that (yay Oddy) .. We were busy..............

The Place where the Guitar Museum Started Long ago .................. now Bono's Hangout.
I was the lucky one, last weekend, who hear Bono playing some great blues.
But there was also some time to relax on our sim.

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