Monday, December 12, 2011

The Guitar Museum

Last Sunday at The Guitar Museum.

Eddie Santillo
"Aka EddieGuitarDagger Sheryffe is the avatar’s name of the big EddieGuitar Dagger.  Reborned in SL, after 3 months he went far away to write new songs for his real-life (RL) career, and to learn new covers for his SL audience to enjoy. In RL he is known like Eddie Santillo, one of the best Italian rock guitarists."

Grif Bamaisin
"My music consists of a selection of original material and some eclectic, relatively unknown covers.  Mostly rock and blues, but I also play a few smoochie songs, ballads, acoustic numbers and even a little reggae.  Mostly I play what I enjoy hearing.  When I cover a song, I tend to play it the way I feel it and not as it was originally.  During shows I will play live guitar, sing live, and occasionally some live bass and keyboards."

And some of his band members
"A number of people join me on stage on a semi-regular or occasional basis.  Although I am the only person actually playing, these guests help bring the stage to life by animating, “playing” instruments, and engaging the audience.  Some band members will also take over the animations of my avatar.  It is all about fun." 

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