Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dreams Building Competition 2011

Also this year Dreams have a:
Holiday Window Dressing Contest and Come, Build a Snowman Contest.
Last year I joined the Holiday Window Dressing Contest. It was a simple window and not very creative. But showed my idea how people can be so busy with them self or with the big news about the world and forget the things that are near and need care.
I was too late to join the Holiday Window Dressing Contest this year but the Build a Snowman Contest is still open for a few days. Jenna joined that one in 2010.

My dear friend Levi Ewing made a wonderful window this year.
I do not know what kind of relation he has with Bing Crosby. ;-)
Dreams Building Competition, December 2011
This is a building contest and fund raiser for Dreams. 
All money raised will go toward Dreams and the activities in Dreams.

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