Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blues & Rock Party at T.R.A.C.S

Saturday we had our first party after our break.
The Blues & Rock party at the ice rink above T.R.A.C.S was the first party and a reopening party.
It was also the first party where DJ Beef Tunes would spin the tunes.
I was a little worried that we maybe been forgotten after our sabbatical, but we had a lot of guest. I got some compliments for the winter land I made, the guest had fun, the DJ was happy and so my day could not be any better.

The other parties this month will also be on the ice rink above T.R.A.C.S.
Saturday, December 17, 
we have a SteamPunk Party.  
And Saturday, December 24, 
A Christmas Carol Party.

Here some pictures of the party.

I found a nice complete Elvis avatar. 
Heff The G Nome
™ Clothing designer,Tattoo artist, Gesture maker
Fiorino Pera as Christmas helper
Ganymede did not wear ice skates.....
.... no wonder that he fall.

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