Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wrestling & Gym Party at T.R.A.C.S.

This Saturday we had our theme party in front of the gym at Timothy Street.

We had some new guest, even one different looking avatar.

I love our low gestures parties and agree with Nidge Bracken and what he wrote on his blog.

"Of course there is another scourge of the SL club scene...gestures. Fine, they can be funny or slot nicely in to the conversation, but when they fill up half the screen or drown out the music, they annoy the crap out of me. My eyesight isn't so good, so I have text size set to maximum; it doesn't take much to blot out my screen. If you need to tell the person you are with that you love them every two minutes, you need to review the stability of your relationship. And if your loved one means so much to you, perhaps you can find something more inventive than a gesture on repeat."

I not have problems with my eyesight but I lose track of the conversations in open chat.
Not that the conversation at our parties have much profundity but is fun to chat, joking and teasing around with the other people. For me, is going to a party at Second Live something social. Big gestures that been play over and over again are a good way to send me in private chat. But maybe some club owners want me to keep my mouth. Already been banned two times from a club when I honest said what I was thinking. Okay, maybe my words and examples where not that well chosen.
But that is another story. *smiles*

I had a great time and I hope other guest had to.

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