Saturday, July 10, 2010

Housewarming Party at Christo Island!

Tim made the text for the flyer but it would be more correct that his words "has finished his latest work" would be replaced by "finally finished his work".

I am working on this protect already for some months. This area was in the past our sandbox. I started with house at the back but got so many ideas that I started to build with a second one.

The bridge I build is part of the path that leads to the shops. On your way to the shops you see a small gazebo for meditation and shortly after that on the right the boat house where I still working on.

Okay back to the beach houses. The first house,
after you cross the bridge, has just two rooms. It has a big aquarium and the furniture and decorations are or made by me, or I got it cheap.

The house not has a bedroom but a sofa that is a bed to. With an easy click you can pull it out and sleep, cuddle or make love on it.

At the small deck with chairs one can easy take a dive in the water and swim. On that picture you also see a part of the bathroom.

The other house lies in the corner of the island.

There is a path that leads to the old cemetery and when you walk on to the "Boywatch" beach. The house is much bigger and has two floors.

Furniture is self-made or bought cheap. It has a big kitchen and a great view over the ocean.
The bedroom is upstairs and the door leads to the big bathroom. The concrete was just dry so there will be tiles on the floor of the bathroom and wood on the bedroom floor. Plan is to install a shower to.
Because the house is build on the west side of the island it have a great sun set. The total area is nicely shaped and planted and a great place for birds.

Very soon the houses will be set for rent. Contact me if you are in any interest.