Sunday, July 11, 2010

The party we had this weekend, parties where we went and the Football finals.

Some friends and some new people came to our House Warming Party. The match for third place Germany vs. Uruguay ( Germany defeated Uruguay 3-2 ) was at the same time but that not kept Tim from giving us a great time with his music and some great new song mixes he found.

Tim went on for three hours and when sis went home the most of us took of some clothes. The party next Saturday could be a sweaty one because the theme will be Latex and the stage will be then set at the Donut factory the BDSM place at our Island.

There where not much people at the party at Open Minds. Theme was Dutch & Spanish. Bernard had made, as always, a nice set of music. Dillon kept on his clothes this time.

There is was not a party at Sweetgrass because of the finals of the Netherlands vs. Spain. The Netherlands lost 0 - 1.

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