Saturday, July 31, 2010

Casual Party at Open Minds DC

Hey guys!
Today is our weekly party at Open Minds, starting at 9 pm cet 12 slt. DJ Bernard will be rocking the place with the best tunes, and there will be 1000 on the board for best casual outfit. Bring your friends and come party with us ;-)

The party did start slow but at the end there was a nice crowd.
Sorry, just for the Dutch readers
Gany's confession last week at Open Minds

Christo Spyker: dansvloer Gany
Christo Spyker: click for a dance
Ganymede Gynoid: He he dank je, ik leer het nooit... ;-)
Christo Spyker: geeft niks
Christo Spyker laughs
Ganymede Gynoid: Ik blijf altijd naar ballen zoeken...

Gay and Aita

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