Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Misheard Lyrics (just for my Dutch readers)

The first time I did hear Lady Gaga's song "poker face" I did hear her singing "poke her face"

And it seems I was not the only one.
Rapper Kid Cudi's single "Make Her Say" contains a vocal sample of the acoustic version of "Poker Face" from The Cherrytree Sessions EP. The song was originally entitled "I Poke Her Face" but was changed to make it more acceptable for radio. It features Kanye West, who also produced the track, and Common, as well as scratches from DJ A-Trak. West expressed that he was a fan of Lady Gaga and was interested in the song, after seeing Gaga perform a different version of "Poker Face" on the internet. This led him to sample "Poker Face" in "Make Her Say". According to West, they changed the intermittent bisexual theme of the song while taking the sample.

Last week thirty thousand listeners of the dutch radiostation 3FM did vote on their favourite Mama Appelsapje.
A Mama Appelsap is a song from a different language, in which Dutch phrases can be recognized.
Best way to watch and listen to the video is to turn off the Flash Player on the bottom ][ of this page by clicking the II button ]

thanks to Raoul Hattink for this compilation

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