Sunday, June 27, 2010

Echo Douglas

Today I been visiting dad at his studio.
He is to shy to tell you himself, but he is the best photographer on Second Life
Have a look at his web site.
Or have a look at his gallery in world.

My name is Echo Douglas. My art it designed for Second Life. Profile pictures, costume pictures, seals and crest for Gorean Sims. I have been an artist for many years. Photoshop has been a inspiration to me in getting back into creating art in second life. I have designed this web site to show the work I have done. If you like my work please let me know. If there is anything i can do for you, again let me know. Thank you to everyone that as given me the opportunity to take there picture and work on there art piece.


Nidge Bracken said...

I am a big fan of Echo's work. The pictures and seals/crests he does are awesome. He is also a great guy.

Christo Spyker said...

Yes Nidge, I agree with you, completely.

echosuga said...

really ur name is echo douglas?? bc Mine Is too! D: wtf and im a girl?

Christo Spyker said...

Hello Echosuga. Not my name is but my Second Life dad's name is Echo Douglas and he is a great guy :-)