Sunday, April 18, 2010

Party Time

The Parties at Open Minds and at T.R.A.C.S. did not been very crowded, but with the people that came it was fun as always. Normally I make snapshots of the dance area but in the blog, pictures get smaller and the people not always been easy recognized.So this weekend I made close-up pictures. Lets see how that works.
Open Minds
Because Rod and Tim had RL things, I had to host the party on my own. So it was not that bad we not had much crowd. Happily Jenna and Ash could help. Jenna was the DJ and she had made a great set of songs. Theme of the party was “Demo”.
Ash did got his demo things when he arrived but during the party he changed shape, skin and clothes and ………. Better look for yourself.
I did wear a demo of some great clothes Rod made.

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