Friday, April 2, 2010

Last weeks at Second Live

Yes I’m late again with my post. Been busy at second life with other things. About that more later. Open minds had a special Pride benefit party…….
…..even Levi, that great builder and one of my best friends, came.
So I was busy at our Island. Not with dancing but with what you see in the distance…… building. After working at a tavern I got inspiration again and started with a beach house and also a second one.
When I build I lose the idea of time, so Jenna came and I had to take a break. So we did a break dance on her music stream she made and shared with me.
I was not at the French party at Sweet Grass but already had much fun when Norbie send his promo. Not sure he had the intention to make it the way he did or that it was my dirty mind, but it made me laughing for a long time seeing Norbie stroking a French baguette. Gany send me the picture he made of the winners of the event. He is fast and doing a great job.

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