Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter weekend

The party where we went on that Sunday was at Sweet Grass. Sweet Grass exist now for almost four years. Rod, Tim and I already been at there parties often in the past but lately when we met Bernard, owner of Open Minds and made a sort of alliance of support with him we also met Norbie and his gang more often. I know that not sounds nice but that was my thinking when they showed up at the parties at Open Minds.
I know them already for sometime. Talked with all three of them in the past, but never more than a hello or about businesslike things. The last few weeks we get to know each other a little more. The friendship seems to been limited to the parties where we meet but they kind and helpfully guys, that I learn already.
Easter Party at Sweet Grass
Tim and I became 2 of the four winners. Here the picture Gany made.
After that there was a photo shoot. Here some of them, made by:JennaGanyChristo

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