Friday, June 19, 2009

Building, Texturing and Scripting

Last week I been busy to redo our kitchen and did learn how to make seamless textures.
Dad (Echo Douglas) told me how to do it but now I had to do it. After a while my trying did start to get good and it became fun to do. I really am proud how I did the fruit and vegetables.
So here are the pictures of our kitchen.

This is my “Making Bread”. It has an animation.

This how the sculpties looked when I got them…..

…. and this how they look with the self-made textures. They not become all good but I like how they became.

The juicer was an easy and fast thing to make and with the sound that I found on the Internet and had to make to 10 seconds, before I could upload it, it became better.

This is the oven I made. It is not finished.

I the headline I also say Scripting. I am not a scripter, but with all the free full permission scripts that you can find allover SL, I did learn a lot, just to study them. So, I will not show you the scripting and the sweat it did cost me to get the menu for the fridge well.

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