Friday, June 19, 2009


Already a long time I have been thinking to make a vehicle to make tours over the island. Because we have land and water parts, it had to be a vehicle that can drive on land and float on water. When I saw this picture of a hovercraft, I started to build.
Okay, it not became the same as the real one on the picture but with the prims and sculpties that I made and found, it looks like a hovercraft. It is 87 prims (no I am not family of Levi the prim king) and it need some more work before it is totally finished. One can sit on the seat (scripted), the rotor is already rotating but it will have a sound, I will build in the real working compass that I made for the ship bridge and the light have to become better as you see on the last picture.
..... oh, and I cleaned the terrace, by removing all those prims that where laying around.

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