Sunday, June 28, 2009


Rod and I met the first time at Hot ‘n Hung, I think, January 2008. He was a master that time and I just became a Free at Gor. He asked me to become his boy and even do I did like him, I hesitate. On May 1st, 2008, when I was a second time at his villa, I met Tim. Finally on June 24th, 2009, I became his boy.
“On June 24th, 2008 Rod Sideways collard this boy out of love and respect”.
I left him a few times but I came back every time. On October 30th, 2008, we had our last fight and it did take some time before we get together again but this time we not become master and slave again, but we became lovers.
Yesterday, Rod and I, celebrated the day that we been officially together for one year. We had a great time exploring Second Life. Here are a few pictures of the place where went.
First we went to the “Forgotten Village”. A great build sim, where I already was a few times in the past to get ideas for our island.
They even have a strange orchestra there.

And we bought a pose that we going to use for some photo shoots.

Next we went to Kmadd, much good male shops at one place.

Third place was “The Weather Channel HQ”. We got in the wet suit and took the surfboard and we surfed.

After that we went home to get dry and to change clothes.
At Elysium Gardens a Paradise for Lovers, we relaxed, danced and ……

……after a hot time in a hut, cooled off.
Midnight Carnival - Amusement park, was the last place we go. And as in a real amusement park, you also need money there.
But we had great fun and some trill seeking.
We had a great time. I love you Rod.

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