Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Same-sex marriage

Quagmire mention I his comment on May 26, 2009
“Today marks 20 year anniversary of gay marriage rights in Denmark.”

Here is some more info:

Registered partnerships in Denmark were created by a law enacted on June 7, 1989, the world's first such law, and came into force on October 1, 1989.
Despite being the first country in the world to introduce registered partnerships for same-sex couples, same-sex marriage has not been debated in Denmark as much as in other Nordic countries.

On 1 January 1998, registered partnerships (Dutch: geregistreerd partnerschap) were introduced in law in the Netherlands. These were meant for same-sex couples as an alternative to marriage, though they can also be entered into by opposite-sex couples, and in fact about one third of the registered partnerships between 1998 and 2001 were of opposite-sex couples. For the law, registered partnerships and marriage convey the same rights and duties, especially after some laws were changed to remedy inequalities with respect to inheritance and some other issues.

The law came into effect on 1 April 2001, and on that day four same-sex couples were married by the Mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen. He specifically became a registrar to officiate at the weddings. A few months earlier, Mayor Cohen was the junior Minister of Justice in the government and responsible for putting the new marriage and adoption laws through parliament.

Oh, forgot to tell, I am dutch and live in the Netherlands

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